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Agility 3-in-1 Trainer

SKU: AT311
This training equipment is 3 obstacles in 1! The clever design combines the pause table, dog walk, and a-frame so that you can let your dog train for all 3 obstacles with just 1 piece of equipment!

Select a color - Available in blue, green, or purple
Base Price: $640.00
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Total Price: $640.00
- New professional design great for training
- Three obstacles in one piece of equipment!  Introduce your dog to the a-frame, dog walk, and pause table with this trainer. 
- Made with aluminum frame for light-weight, stability and durability.
- Surface coated with a special anti-slip sand paint.
- Yellow contact zones are painted for easier training.
- Our state-of-the-art hinge-locking system allows the Agility Trainer to hold the heaviest of dogs.

- You will receive 2 boxes in the shipment.                                                 

Dimensions: A-Frame Ramp: 30" wide x 48" long, Pause Table: 30"x24", Dog Walk Ramp: 8' long x 30" wide tapering down to 12" wide.  Height can adjust to 18", 24", 30", or 36".

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