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Dog Agility USA Testimonials

Please feel free to share with us your pictures and comments on our agility equipment and related products. If you would like to add a link to you agility club or dog training business please send us a link. We are looking forward to sharing many of the product statements & testimonies sent to us with images from satisfied customers. We are also happy to hear your tips and suggestions on agility training too!

Please send your pictures and comments to dogagility@att.net

Here's a photo of my Dante--Spinone Italiano--using the hurdles I purchased from you. Thanks for selling great equipment. I keep the training light and fun. I never over work Dante. One doesn’t’ have to be on the Competitive Agility Circuit to enjoy owning and training a dog. Of course Dante doesn’t mind getting a couple of dog biscuits when he does well. Hopefully more people will realize just regular guys can train successfully with patience and praise and good common sense and positive reinforcement. It's really not that hard. - Rick Gvozdas


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