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Weave Poles
WP6788F1 - Fixed Interval Space 6-Pole Weave Pole Set - 19"
Set of 6 weave poles set at 19" intervals.

Price: $120.00 / Each

- This set comes with 6 weave poles set at 19" intervals.
- Base is made with metal for sturdiness.
- The PVC poles are foldable and entire set fits into a carry bag (included) for easy transportation and storage.
- Quick and easy set up and take down.
- Also available are weave pole guides to help train a beginner (sold separately).
- Equipment weighs a total of 22 Lbs.

- You will receive 1 box in the shipment.

-FREE Shipping on orders to the lower 48 states only.  For orders being shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally: please email us for a quote.

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Metal Spring Holders
Metal Spring Holders
Metal Spring Holders for flexible Weave Poles. $6.00 per piece, or $34.99 per set (6 pieces)
Price: $6.00

Weave-poles Split Base
Weave-poles Split Base
- The split base allows you to change the original weave pole set into a channel weave pole set (see picture).
- 6pcs./set. Made of steel.

Price: $28.00

PVC Poles for weave-poles
PVC Poles for weave-poles
6 Poles/Set
Price: $43.99

6-Pole Set with Adjustable Pole Spacing
6-Pole Set with Adjustable Pole Spacing
Set of 6 Weave Poles with Adjustable Spacing 

Regular Price: $178.99
Sale Price: $139.00
You Save: $39.99

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