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Because our customers love our products so much, a lot of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. To reward our customers (handsomely) for sending friends our way, we came up with a Referral Program....

Here are the simple steps to how you can make easy money with our referral program:

1. Sign up for our referral program

2. Once you sign up, you will receive your unique referral code

3. Tell other dog lovers about dogagilityusa.com and give them your unique referral code

4. If someone uses your referral code when they make a purchase from dogagilityusa.com, you get 10% of their total order amount (before shipping and taxes) added to your account. i.e. if they spend $1,000 on dogagilityusa.com, you automatically get $100 added to your account.

5. Use the money in your account toward your next purchase or when your account reaches $500, we'll automatically send you a check equipvalent to 75% of the total. EASY MONEY!

*Sorry, you may not use your referral code when ordering for yourself


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