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3-in-1 Trainer

3-in-1 Trainer

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Introduce your dog to the a-frame, dog walk, and pause table with this one piece of training equipment.  Includes yellow contact zones for complete training experience.  Great for puppies!!

All-weather design is made up of solid aluminum alloy surface with steel frame and legs and a rubber coated surface.  Our state of the art locking hinge system allows this trainer to hold the heaviest of dogs.  The ramps fold up and the legs are removable for easy moving and storage.

Dimensions: A-frame Ramp: 30" wide x 4' long
                   Pause Table: 30"x24"
                   Dog Walk Ramp: 30" wide x 8' long
                   Height Adjustable to 18", 24" 30", or 36"


Shipping dimensions: Box is 52 x 33 x 14 170lbs  on a shipping pallet. 52 x 42 x 19 200lbs 

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