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Self-reset Tire Jump

Self-reset Tire Jump

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This self-reset breakaway tire features internal magnets at both the top and bottom that allow the two sides of the tire to separate like swinging doors if a dog hits it.

The aluminum frame is built with a flat bottom for maximum safety. This aluminum frame is coated to withstand outside conditions so it is rust free.
The uprights are 45" tall and the width of the frame from outside edge to outside edge is 47". You can also adjust the space of the uprights if you want to have a wider tire jump opening.

The tire is made of soft-shell PE foam and is 30" in diameter from the top of the tire to the bottom and 24” in diameter from the inside top to inside bottom. It is only available in yellow and blue; These two attractive sleeve covers are removable and washable. however, it can be striped or decorated using colored tape or outdoor-rated polyester fabric cushion paint which is available from most home centers.

The jump heights marked on the sides of the frame are 4” 8", 12", 16", 20", and 24", but you can set the tire at any height from the base to 24".

The tire and frame are shipped unassembled in order to fit in 2 separate boxes, so assembly is required before the initial use. Detailed instruction will be attached to the box upon arrival.
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