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Two Wheel Mini-Carriages for Small Ponies, Shetlands and Miniature Horses

Two Wheel Mini-Carriages for Small Ponies, Shetlands and Miniature Horses

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This model of mini carriages is offered by Animal Sports. The model was designed by a German carriage engineering service.  It comes with pneumatic tires on solid steel wheels.  Each cart is equipped with a hydraulic brake system and also installed with an under seat storage compartment – a carriage on the carriage. 

For better fitting to many small equine sizes, there are three wheel sizes for choosing from.  They are:  16”, 19” and 22”, with three tire sizes accordingly as 21”, 24” and 27”.  The three sized carts are nicknamed respectively :  mini-mini, mini-mid and mini-max.  When you place an order, please mention a colour as your best choice, (black. Burgundy and navy). The seller will try their best to meet your colour preference, but still, subject to the availability of the inventory.    

The physical specs are listed below: 

Cart height: 40”-46”

Cart width: 42”

Seat height: 32” – 36” (mini-mini-32”, mini-mid 34” and min-max 36”)

Cart weight: 145-185 lbs.

Shaft length: 36” plus extension poles

Shaft extension poles: 36” (adjustable length, 12”)

Pneumatic tire size:  21”, 24” and 27” coordinate to steel wheel frame size: 16” Mini-Mini, 19” mini-mid, 22” mini-max

the body colour options:  Black, Burgundy, and Navy  

Upholstery: Black only

Cart body frame: Steel

Brake: Hydraulic disc brakes

Limited warranty: 


Animal Sports International - ASI warrants to the original purchaser of the mini carriage that it will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.  Please keep your order form in possession for a warranty claim, which requires the original purchaser’s info and contacts, as well as the purchase ID.  


If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during the warranty period, ASI will repair or replace the product, at its option, free of charge on the warranty part(s) and replacement(s);


This warranty does not cover damage caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, natural disasters and transportation, neither covers the unauthorised modification, or normal wear and tear, paints, rusting and the moving parts such as wheels and casters if apply; This warranty also does not cover shipping costs and labours involved in the replacements and repairs. 


To obtain warranty service, the original purchaser must contact ASI customer service first, and obtain a Return Authorisation Number, and under the guidance of ASI customer service representative(s) to return the product to ASI at the address provided below, along with proof of purchase, such as, the order ID or invoice(s). The warranty only covers the original purchasers who have the names and shipping addresses matching exactly to their original order manifests. The original purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs.


This warranty gives the original purchasers the specific legal rights for protecting your dog agility equipment from defective losses. Please read the warranty statement before you place the purchase order(s). If you place the purchase order from an online sales platform, ASI will assume you have read and agreed to the limitations of the warranty and terms stated in this warranty. 



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